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The all new ICT bred Evolution 29er boasts 120mm of fully active travel. Combine the Evolution sst.2 120 frame with a set of fast rolling 29" wheels and you have a machine that can take you further than you ever thought possible.
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The all new 100mm travel Evolve sst.2 with ICT Technology is dialed in to maintain the legendary efficiency, handling and ride of a nimble full suspension cross country bike while harnessing the rolling efficiency and feel of the 29" wheel. The NEW super formed pivot integrated seat tube...
Truth SST.2 X9 Complete Bike 10SPD '12
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The legendary performance of the 100mm travel Truth sst.2 has been enhanced through fine tuning and tweaking over countless seasons of XC and endurance racing in every condition imaginable. With Ellsworth's proprietary ICT suspension, SST tubing,a lighter and stronger pivot integrated seat...
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