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The new Catania features carbon fork, carbon seatpost, Ultegra derailleur, and the new Fezzari Racing Design R3A frame with increased aerodynamic properties and a sleeker look. The Catania road bike is a great all-around bike. If you want to get into road biking or want a bike that is...
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Take your riding to the next level with the Foré CR1 full carbon road bike, built to be extremely durable and responsive. Feel the adrenalin rush as it accelerates smoothly and corners aggressively. Great for cross-country riding, a triathlon, and even a race.  The new Fezzari...
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An all new frame and new graphics package make the Fore CR5 look as fast as it really is. Now available with SRAM Red componants. What do you get when you interview hundreds of riders, questioning them about their desires for the ultimate road bike and then, spend thousands of hours...
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